KEIR Manufacturing Launches GULO

David Watkins, President and CEO of KEIR Manufacturing, a long time Brevard, NC based industry  has launched a new company called Gulo Composites. Gulo is the result of year's of visioning, market analysis and new product development. The company enters the market as an innovator in the outdoor gear/cycling sector with the creation of a new, innovative line of exceptional bicycle wheels. The new business brings KEIR Manufacturing's knowledge and expertise in  the realm of advanced composites and carbon fiber into the bicycle wheel sector.   

“You would normally not even think that bicycle wheel could be improved upon, but KEIR Manufacturing has done it in a significant way, reducing weight while adding strength and efficiency,” commented Watkins.  

The product represents one of KEIR Manufacturing's first consumer products. The cycling industry in the United States represents a $6.2 billion in annual sales with 17.4 million adult size units sold, Europe is an event larger market. According to Watkins and early customer reviews and demos featurered in PinkBike and other peer-led reviewer, Gulo has made an enormous effort in this project. To launch this new company the local business leadership and staff have invested over 13,000 hours of research and development, has made a large investment in custom made equipment, and the development of a whole new process of manufacturing. During the product development stage the company made many failures but with each failure the design and technology made steady progress. 

In addition to being manufacturered in Brevard, NC Gulo will have a physical location at (33 W Probart Street) appropriately named the “Wheel House.” The Wheel House will serve as the company's primary customer experience location. 

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