Flymen Fishing Company Breaks Ground on New Headquarters in Brevard, NC

Brevard, NC-Flymen Fishing Company, a designer, manufacturer, and distributer of innovative, next generation fly tying materials and fishing flies breaks ground on a new, permanent home in Brevard, North Carolina. This milestone follows years of strong growth in the fly fishing sector and a passion for Brevard and Transylvania County. Construction of the new 1,800 square foot office and warehouse facility is slated to begin this winter. This expansion would not be possible without the support and leadership demonstrated by the City of Brevard’s Planning Board and City Council during the company’s rezoning request.  

“On behalf of the City of Brevard I am excited about Flymen Fishing Company’s investment in our community as they continue to experience strong growth,” Brevard Mayor Jimmy Harris stated. “It’s a great fit and will add to the city’s fast growing network of outdoor specialty stores and manufacturers.” 

Owner Martin Bawden and his company first located to Brevard, NC in 2012 following a search for a new business location that fit both personal and business interests.  “While many locations are capable of supporting a tremendous fishing culture or traditional business environment, few excel at both. Brevard lends a level of authenticity and credibility within the outdoor industry that is unparalleled in the southeast,” stated Bawden. “In the traditional sense this community also works well from a logistics and workforce standpoint. We have benefited greatly from the community’s access to a strong supplier and customer base. We also benefit from our immediate access to Brevard College. Our small but growing team is currently represented by 75% Brevard College, Business School alumni.” 

“Flymen Fishing Company is a perfect example of the knowledge-based companies that are attracted to our unique community. We look forward to watching this company grow as they continue to establish themselves as a leader within the fly fishing industry, said Chairman Mike Hawkins on behalf of the Transylvania County Board of Commissioners. “I am proud of our community and the businesses that chose to locate here. Flymen Fishing Company is a terrific fit given our incredible outdoor amenities.”   

Mark Tooley, Chairman of the Transylvania Economic Alliance commented, “We are fortunate to have true entrepreneurial talent like Martin and his staff in our community. The knowledge, expertise and passion they bring to the county is contagious and we look forward to helping grow this important target sector.”  

Prior to starting the business in 2008, Bawden built a successful career in the information technology (IT) sector. For 15 years Bawden worked for a large software company covering sales territories in his native South Africa as well as the United Kingdom, Phoenix, AZ and Charlotte, NC. Ten years ago Bawden discovered the joys of fly fishing and fly tying. This passion steadily grew and eventually led to the founding of Flymen Fishing Company. His passion and ideas lead to the creation of new, innovative fly tying products now established under two core product brands, Fish-Skull® and Nymph-Head®.  

The Transylvania Economic Alliance is a 501(c)(3) organization that works to lead responsible economic development through engaging the private and public sectors to develop community assets that are needed to maximize opportunities for investment and quality job creation. For more information on the Allaince please contact Executive Director, Josh Hallingse at 828-393-4130. To learn more about Flymen Fishing Company please visit

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