City of Brevard Approves Workforce Housing Mixed-Use Development

The City of Brevard approved a new +/- 14 acre development located in the City of Brevard. The unimous city council decision to approve the project followed an unamimous vote by the city's planning board earlier in the year.  

The new development is being championed by Tore Borhaug, President and CEO of Tore's Home, Inc. an assited living service provider that operates facilities in Brevard and Hendersonville. Since the Tore's Home established in the community the operation has become an essential part of the community as well as a singicant employer. The new development as envisioned by Mr. Borhaug will serve a variety of uses and roles in the community. Given the mixed-use nature of the development the project from inception was entered into the Planned Development District zoning review process.

The Planned Development District process allows landowners and developers to create a custom zoning ordiance for a land tract. Following the creation of conceptual and master planning stages the developer met with adjacent landowners, neighborhood associations and participated in multiple public hearings, site tours and public feedback session with the City of Brevard, which culminated with a project review by City Council. As approved the project includes allowances for independent living units, workforce housing, a community center, dining area, an after-hours childcare facility and easements which will allow for the extention of the city's existing greenway/pedestrial walking path which currently fronts Asheville Highway  

The development creatively addresses needed services and a recognized need for additional workforce housing units in the community.

Unlike a conventional rental community, Tore’s passion for his employees, alongside his knowledge of the needs of Brevard and the surround community goes beyond his operations and works to serve the community at large which has been a driving force behind Tore's vision for the project. With the city's approval the development allows for a more densely constructed development which will allow Tore's Home the opportunity to expand business operations while also providing for some ancillary community services. 

To help analyze the development through an economic development lens the Transyvlania Economic Alliance provided the City of Brevard an economic impact analysis which analyzed the estimated future economic impacts of the development.  The Alliance leveraged IMPLAN software to analyze the project which is widely used by local, state and federal government agencies.

Workforce housing has been a recognized issue in the past by Brevard/Transylvania Chamber of Commerce in annual membership surveys. 

Economic Impact Highlights:

The estimated direct, indirect, and induced job creation for this business expansion is –66 jobs.

  • 51 direct jobs (those employed for independent living, workforce housing operations or day care facilities)
  • 6 indirect jobs
  • 9 induced jobs

Annual economic impact of operations in mixed use facilities -$5.1 million.

  • $3.2M direct (wages, taxes, business-related purchases, etc.)
  • $781k indirect
  • $1.1 induced

While the Alliance believes these impacts are significant and important, at the core of this proposal is a desire to reach compromise in landuse while also giving the development an opportunity to be successful. The plans presented utilize the city’s established PDD process as a tool as it was intended to create a development which can accommodate a local business expansion while also addressing identified community issues. 

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