Alliance Launches Video Storytelling Series

You are invited to join us for an online, video storytelling series highlighting the work and contributions of our local  manufacturing sector, an effort supported by NC Workforce Solutions and Mountain Area Workforce Development Board. Over the course of the next several weeks the Alliance will be recognizing and celebrating the diverse industries and employees who contribute everyday to our local economy. We invite you to join us from your smartphone, computer, or streaming device to learn about the impacts of this evolving sector. The 'Did You Know TC' storytelling video series will give viewers a glimpse into the products, people, technology sectors, company cultures and lifestyles that are currently helping shape and grow our local economy.

To view the latest videos, subscribe to us using your favorite social media platform(s) and or visit our Natural Advantage web page where will be adding new company stories, employee profiles, photos, reports and unique highlight films over the coming weeks. To help broadcast these unique stories you are encouraged to like and share using the hashtags #DidYouKnowTC and #NaturalAdvantage.

Role of Manufacturing in Transylvania County Highlights:

  • Over the past five years manufacturing employment in Transylvania County increased by 68.6 percent; greatly outpacing the 8.4 percent increase among all industries in the county.
  • Over the past five years manufacturing has been responsible for 41.7 percent of all net new jobs in the county.
  • The manufacturing sector currently employs approximately 700 workers in Transylvania County. The sector accounts for eight percent of all jobs in the county and represents 33 business establishments.
  • In 2017 average monthly earnings in local manufacturing equaled $3,596; 21 percent or $618 above the average for all industries in the county.
  • Transylvania's 700 manufacturing jobs support an additional 626 local jobs for a total economic impact of 1,326 jobs. Manufactures' purchases from local suppliers indirectly support 423 jobs in the county and the resulting increased household spending supports another 203 induced local jobs. Each manufacturing job supports another 0.9 jobs in the county.
  • Activity from Transylvania's manufacturing sector annually generates $29.3 million in tax revenues. Although the Federal government receives the largest share of tax revenues, the state receives $8.2 million, the county $7.5 million and local municipalities the remaining $1.4 million.
  • Since 2003 there has been a net outflow of resident manufacturing workers. More than 1,000 county residents are employed in manufacturing, outnumbering the number of manufacturing jobs in the county.

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